Distribution Services

Imaginere provides Worldwide Entertainment Distribution and marketing Services to independent film and television producers. We sweat the details so you can focus on the big picture . . . or, simply put: You create. We do the rest.

International Entertainment Distribution

Getting distribution in Canada is difficult for most independent producers of film or TV series. Most Canadian distributors are only interested in high end content with named stars or US features. Imaginere does not “curate” films for their subject matter or their market potential, only for production quality. If you have a professional quality feature in 4K then we would be happy to help you distribute your work and capture the tax credits that are the life blood of the Canadian filmmaker.

Getting it all done for you
Imaginere, is a full service, global distributor with direct relationships to major sales partners worldwide. We recognize the need for a new type of distributor in Canada for truly independent productions. Thousands of great independent films are made each year and never find an audience because of the limitations put on them by distributors. In addition, without a Canadian distributor or a CRTC-licensed broadcaster, independent films cannot qualify for the Tax Credits (CAVCO & Provincial) that most US productions take for granted and Canadian production rely on the fund their work.
Film Festivals
You play your film at festivals all over the world and are never discovered by the sales agents and buyers that frequent only the top tier festivals such as Sundance, Toronto and Cannes. Film Markets like AFM and Cannes are too costly and complex for most independent filmmakers to attend, but Imaginere and it’s partners attend AFM and Cannes as an Exhibitor and can represent your film to international buyers.
Getup to 70% of your Gross revenue from Worldwide Entertainment Distribution
Our global distribution contract is a simple and easy to understand filmmaker-friendly agreement, guaranteeing returns of 70% of all gross revenue earned to the filmmaker. We charge no up-front fees or expenses*; provide transparent quarterly reporting and we work with all our filmmakers to educate them about the use of the most innovative marketing and social media tools available for promoting an independent film or television production.

* Submissions to Apple iTunes does require a fee for third party media preparation.

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