Torn: Dark Bullets

A raw an unapologetic look into police shootings, racism, and the connections they share.

Florence Film Awards
Official Selection Hollywood Gold Awards 2020
Hollywood Gold Awards
Madrid Film Awards
New York Film Awards
Rome Prisma Award - Official Selection
Salt House Creative International Film festival
Tylerman Film festival Official Selection
Official Selection Venice Film Awards
Golden Nugget Best Feature
Prague International Film Festival
Care Awards Official Selection
Official Selection LA Neo Noir Novel & Script Festival
Vegas CinFest 2020

Sam Vincent
William Stewart
Karen Holness
Dexter Bell
Christina Lewall
Sharon Taylor
Tammy Gillis
Jesse Hutch

Directed by
Dan Rizzuto

Written by
Dan Rizzuto
Joshua Mazerolle

Produced by
Scott Bailey
Dan Rizzuto

Co-Production with
Cerebral Monkey Entertainment

Co-Executive Producers
Michael Lewinson
Joshua Mazerolle

Associate Producers
Dexter Bell
William Stewart


Action, Drama, Suspense

1h 36min