How do I get paid for my film?
You have two options. We pay our filmmakers either 70% of all gross revenue from the first dollar earned or we can charge a flat fee to put your content on platforms you choose and you keep 100% of your returns. You can also pay your flat fees from your tax credits refund after the Canadian Distribution is done.

How often do I get Paid?
We pay quarterly if we take a percentage of the revenue.

Do you tell me where my film is being sold?
We give detailed reports quarterly.

Do you have investors who you have to answer to?
No, we have no investors.

Should I worry about Imaginere going out of business and losing my money?
We have no debt and no investors.

Do I have to pay for Film Market Expenses?
No, you don’t pay for market expenses.

How do buyers find my project outside the usual film markets?
Films and TV are actively marketed in the top Buyer databases and on Social Media.

How is my film delivered to the SVOD VOD platforms?
Each film is encoded and delivered directly to each platform, outlet or buyer, except for Apple TV as they must be delivered through a proprietary delivery service. You can opt for this but there is a cost to the filmmaker.

Do you sometimes give away my film?
We never give away your movie or TV for free. It may be free to the public, but you are getting paid by the platform or advertisers.

Do you guarantee my film will be on every platform?
There is no guarantee that every distribution outlet will accept your film. Platforms are curated. Your film may also be of a certain genre that excludes it from certain platforms.

Do you Finance Films?
We do not finance films. We can however help you with strategies to finance your film.

Do I need E&O Insurance for my Film?
YES. Some broadcasters will not show your film without it.

Should I apply for Tax Credits before or after production?
BEFORE. Applying afterwards can be more onerous. Also applying before gets you an estimate of what is qualified and how much. We can help you with that.

Does having Imaginere as a Canadian Distributor guarantee me Tax Credits?
If your budget meets the minimum production budget and all of the tax credits requirements, then YES. Imaginere can advise you on Tax Credit Applications.

Why do you still distribute Media like DVDs and BluRay Discs?
There is still a market for Media for now and not doing a DVD or BluRay disc you would be missing out on sales potential. Also, this is a way for you to submit your film to some smaller festivals. You can also use these as fundraising tools in Crowd Funding for certain contributions. As these boxes and discs are manufactured on demand you pay no upfront costs so there is no downside. We can provide you with a template to create the artwork or you can have Evolve do it for you.

Why do I need closed captions and subtitles?
Most platforms have an inclusionary policy for the hearing impaired and make it a requirement to have closed captions for all submissions. Having subtitles (French) is required for Canadian distribution and other languages like German and Spanish are recommended.

What festivals should I submit my film to?
There are thousands of film festivals around the world. Film festivals are businesses that will solicit you to submit to their festival for a fee. They also charge for interviews, trophies etc. You could spend a lot of money and get no results. Also if the festival is not recognized by IMDb it probably won’t improve your profile as a filmmaker. Selecting which festivals you would have the best chance in requires some knowledge of those key festivals for your film.

When should I set the status of my film to “released” on IMDb?
Films should never be listed as “released” until it is appropriate to do so. It’s tempting to do this but you should refrain from changing that status on IMDb. Let Imaginere time that for you. We can make sure it’s released properly on IMDb.

I am getting slammed in the ratings?
On IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, some Trolls will try to slam your film even if they have not seen it. Anyone with a grudge will add their low rating. Imaginere has strategies to control that sort of rating poisoning. We also have a way of doing a rating exchange with other filmmakers to help you. Also, the Imaginere team’s ratings of your film are heavily weighted in your favour. Also, don’t give your film a rating as a filmmaker/director/producer, it looks bad. Get others to help you get a better rating by actually writing reviews and never ask them to give you a 10.

People are pirating my film, what should I do?
Pirating is inevitable in the streaming world. That is why you have to keep your project from being copied even by family or other people in the production before you deliver it to us. Guard it with your life! Imaginere has low-cost services to chase people who pirate your hard work after it’s released although some will never take it down you can force a majority of pirate sites to take them down.

Should I put my film on YouTube or Vimeo with a password?
These platforms are not secure. We suggest frame.io as a place to put your film for festivals and other submissions and only with a watermark on the video.

Should I put my trailer on YouTube?
Only at the right time and we would prefer to put your trailer up for you.

My trailer has violence and swears words, is it OK?
NO. If you have a “red band” movie or TV (e.g. Violence or swearing) you have to cut a trailer to be “green band” standard and have content “appropriate” for all potential platforms. Keep this in mind when shooting your film.

Where did the name Imaginere come from?
Imaginere is Norwegian word who’s meaning is to conceive, fantasize, imagine, picture, see, think, understand & visualize. That’s why we love it.