About Imaginere

Making a film is a creative endeavour, but also a large-scale business venture with numerous complexities. We are here to help. Imaginere Entertainment is a business consulting firm specializing in film and television productions. Simply put, we empower filmmakers by sweating the details so they can focus on the big picture.

Imaginere is listed in CAVCO’s internal directory of Canadian distributors and provides turn-key executive producing, marketing and distribution services. We are project managers, casting, executive producers, marketers, financial managers and Canadian Distributors . . . and we’re on your team. It’s like having the expertise of a major studio backing your project, without the major expense.

Having Imaginere on your team gives your small to mid-sized production a greater chance of succeeding over doing it alone. There are lots of pitfalls to producing an independent film in Canada and we can help you avoid those problems right from the start.

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